We need nature but does it want us?

Published by Carol Donaldson on

The oystercatchers tell me to get lost.

We are not wanted, that much is clear.

They haven’t got the memo, the sea pies, geese and gulls.

failed to get up to speed with the growing consensus that People Need Nature.

or maybe it is us that has failed to read the memo. Nature doesn’t need us. Doesn’t want us.

“Clear off, get lost,” the oystercatchers and greylags shout. “Get off our patch,” the herring gull cry.

“Be gone,” the caterpillars signal in shadow play, even as they attempt to crawl into our tents.

If i could understand the clap of a butterfly wing or the chemical message released into the wind by the sea purslane crushed beneath my boots I’m sure I would hear the same.

What are we to do, us, the great invaders, colonisers of islands?

Do we attempt negotiations? Draw up a peace treaty? Give ground? Withdraw to our cities and leave the wilds to the wildlife?

Do we attempt to bring it with us? Make space for it around our concrete fortresses? Create that feeling we get from nature in our own backyard?

What is this future deal we must sign? Because sign a pact we must.

We Need Nature but if we can’t meet its terms then all sides will lose.


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